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5 Tips for Finding a Great Auto Repair Shop in Goodrich, MI

Here at Holly Tire & Auto Service, Inc., we have worked hard to build a great reputation in Goodrich, MI, and the surrounding areas. We know how important it is to develop a solid relationship with your mechanic. So, our team is always available to answer your questions and talk about your car repair plan. When you bring your vehicle to our shop, you can rest easy to know that we have your best interest in mind.

If you are searching for a quality auto repair shop, then these are a few things that you should consider as you are making your decision:

Tip #1: Recommendations from People You Trust

A personal recommendation is always a great option to consider. Talk to your friends and family to find out if they have any recommended auto repair locations in the area. These conversations can give you a feel for the options that are offered. Even if you don’t choose the shop that was recommended, you still have multiple options to choose from for your auto repairs.

At Holly Tire & Auto Service, Inc., we know that people only make recommendations to businesses that they trust. Our goal is to over-deliver on the work that is completed, to keep our customers coming back and referring their friends and family.

Tip #2: Research the Mechanic

When you find a mechanic that you would like to try, it can be helpful to do a little research about the company. For example, look at their website to read more information about the services that are offered and where they are located.

This research can also be beneficial because you will be able to read reviews from other customers. Online reviews can be biased at times, but they will give you an insight into the quality of services that you can expect. The internet is a great resource to find information about a company, so make sure to look online before scheduling your appointment.

Tip #3: Talk to the Mechanic

It can be helpful to have a quick conversation with the mechanic, to be sure that you will have access to all of the services that are needed. Talk about the problems that you are experiencing with your vehicle, and the mechanic will be able to make recommendations about necessary repairs. This conversation is a good opportunity to learn about the way the auto repair shop treats their customers.

Make sure that the mechanic offers services for the type of car that you drive. For example, some shops only work on domestic cars, so you will need to find another location if you drive an imported car. Here at Holly Tire & Auto Service, Inc., we specialize in both imports and domestic cars, making it easy to bring all of your vehicles to our shop.

Tip #4: Consider Location and Convenience

One critical factor is the convenience of taking your car to the shop. If you find a mechanic on the other side of town, then it can be a trick to drop off the car and pick it up again. Instead of choosing a mechanic that is far away, make sure that you select a location that is near your home or office. The location is important because you will need to access the shop on a regular basis for maintenance and repair work.

Tip #5: Find Out about a Repair Schedule

How often will you need to take your car into the shop? Talk to the mechanic about their recommendations for maintenance and basic repairs. It is a good sign if the mechanic is interested in helping with standard auto repair services, such as oil changes, tune-ups, and timing belt changes.

These tasks might seem unnecessary at times, but they are a critical part of maintaining a high-quality vehicle. If you are proactive to keep up with the regular maintenance schedule, then you can avoid the hassle of big repairs in the future.

At Holly Tire & Auto Service, Inc., we are dedicated to the satisfaction of each of our clients. Our goal is to help you maintain a high-quality vehicle. Stop by to bring your car in for auto repair at 15140 N Holly Rd, Holly, MI 48442. You are also invited to call our office if you want to learn more about the services that we offer. Our team is always happy to answer your questions and help with your car.

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