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5 Reasons You Should Take Your Car in for Auto Repair in Grand Blanc, MI

Even if you are consistent with your maintenance schedule, there are still times when an unexpected repair might be needed. Here are a few signs that you should watch for to know if you need to call your mechanic in Grand Blanc, MI:

  1. Illuminated Dashboard Notifications

The flashing lights on your dashboard are designed to keep you informed about potential repairs that are needed. As you are driving, pay attention to the lights that show up in the dashboard area. Newer models have many functions that can be monitored with the onboard computer systems. When something is illuminated, then it means that there is a computer reading that indicates a potential problem.

If the light is illuminated, then you should take the car in at your earliest convenience. When the light is flashing, then it indicates an urgency to have the vehicle inspected right away. For example, a flashing check engine light could be the result of an emissions system issue, which could potentially damage certain parts of the car if you continue driving.

  1. Leaks Under Your Vehicle

Look at the area where your car is normally parked to see if you can identify any leaks that are coming from the vehicle. The color of the fluid could indicate the source of the leak. If you need help identifying the color of the leak, then you could place a piece of cardboard under the car while it is parked to see the color of the fluid.

In the hot months, it is normal for the car to leak fresh water that is dripping from the air conditioning system. Other colors could indicate a problem. For example, brown or dark red is oil, transmission fluid, or brake fluid. Green is usually coolant. The color indication can help your mechanic identify the leak so the problem can be fixed.

  1. Unusual Transmission Issues

When the car is shifting gears, it should be a smooth transition. But, if something is wrong with the transmission, then you might notice a jerking or pulling sensation between gears. Notice how your car drives when it is working in a normal way, so that you can identify these issues if they arise.

As you are getting up to speed, you might notice a lag in the response time of the car. Another indication of transmission issues could be dramatic surges when you are accelerating.

  1. Excessive Smoke from the Exhaust or Hood

Turn on your car and look at the amount of exhaust that is coming out of the tailpipe. If you see dark exhaust that seems more than normal, then it might be an indication of an oil leak or another problem. Call your mechanic right away to have the car inspected.

In the situation where smoke is coming from the hood, then it could be connected with overheating. Stop driving the car immediately, because continued driving could damage the engine. When you see any amount of smoke coming from the hood, the best thing that you can do is pull over and call a local auto repair shop.

  1. Noises or Shaking While Driving

If you listen while you are driving, it is normal to hear the sounds of the road and the hum of the engine. But, these sounds will change if something is wrong with the vehicle. Even if you don’t know the source of the sound, you should talk to a mechanic to have the problem diagnosed. Squeaking, grinding, droning, or dragging noises can all be an indication that you need car repairs.

Sometimes the noises will be accompanied by shaking, racing, or chugging when the engine is running. But, it is possible that these symptoms could occur without the accompanying noises.

Call an Experienced Auto Repair Shop

Any time you suspect that something might be wrong with your car, the best thing that you can do is call a mechanic. Don’t delay the auto repairs, because it could result in additional damage to your car. Taking a proactive approach is a great way to protect your vehicle and help you extend the life of your investment.

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