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10 Signs You Need to Take Better Care of your Car

There are many drivers who are not enthusiastic about taking care of their cars. But it is astonishing how people don’t pay much attention to something they spent thousands of dollars on. That is, until something goes wrong. Not paying attention to your car by getting in for routine auto repair in Ortonville, MI could end up costing you thousands more.

1. Your Car has become a Garbage Can
Though not technically a service problem, garbage piling up in your car is never a good thing. What if a rogue water bottle rolls under your brake pedal? It could be a hazard. So toss out those gum wrappers and fast food bags. Start taking care of the interior with routine cleanings and vacuum often to reduce unwanted wear and tear.

2. The Cup Holders Feel Sticky
We know it is nearly impossible to avoid eating and drinking in the car. So when you do, be careful. Sticky or greasy foods will quickly ruin the interior of your car. If you do spill, clean it up quickly. If you are neglecting the interior, you are probably neglecting what is under the hood as well.

3. You Left Bird Poop on the Hood
Insects, salt, bird poop, sap—all of these things will damage your paint job if left on your car for too long. Take the time to wash your car every few weeks. Otherwise you might end up with permanent marks on the clear coat of your car.

4. You Can’t Remember Your Last Oil Change
While it is true you are no longer expected to get an oil service every 3,000 miles, you still need regular oil changes. Not sure on the intervals? Check the owner’s manual. These simple services will prolong the life of your vehicle and reduce your risk of more expensive auto repairs.

5. You Ignore that Persistent Squeak
Another sign that you are not taking care of your car is ignoring those odd noises. Hear a persistent squeak or grinding sound when you engage the brake pedal? That means the brake pads or shoes have worn down. Other troublesome noises include popping, knocking, and backfiring. Instead of ignoring these car sounds, get in for auto repair as soon as possible.

6. One or More of Your Gauges Does Not Work
Your gauges tell you how your car is running and without them you won’t know your speed, fuel level, engine temperature, or rpms. If you ignore this for too long, eventually you will run out of gas, get pulled over for speeding, or cause the entire engine to seize.

7. You Don’t Have a Spare Tire
This can mean one of two things. First, you are driving around on your donut—which can be risky. Or second, you replaced your tire but forgot to replace the spare. Either way, you should correct the mistake as soon as possible. Otherwise, you are sure to be stranded if ever your tire goes flat.

8. You Can’t See the Coolant in Your Radiator
Most drivers know to check their oil levels, but few know how to check other vital fluids. If your coolant is low—fill it up. If it depletes too quickly, you might have a leak. The last thing you want is the engine temperature to sky rocket.

9. Your Tire Walls are Worn
Tire tread depth is important if you want to continue driving safely. And while it is bad enough to drive on bald tires, if the side was show wear, that is much worse. It means the alignment on your vehicle is off and you need to get an auto repair quickly.

10. You Don’t Have a Reliable Auto Repair Shop
Many drivers avoid auto repair in Ortonville, MI because they don’t want technicians to take advantage of them. What you need is a repair shop you can trust. Call Holly Tire today. You will get an honest diagnosis and quality repair at a fair price. You can reach us or stop by 15140 N. Holly Rd. Holly, MI 48442.


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