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5 Big Reasons to Check Your Wheel Alignment

Today’s cars are designed to give you a smooth, gentle ride. But if your vehicle isn’t offering the same amount of comfort on the road, and you notice rattling, shuddering, or pulling, then you might need to consider a wheel alignment. Because of rough roads and driving habits, your car can go out of alignment. And the wheel alignment can impact several important vehicle systems. The only way to correct the problem is with auto repair. And you want to get the problem repaired as soon as possible before it starts to impact the life of the tires or your safety on the road.

What is a Wheel Alignment?
This is an auto repair often overlooked by vehicle owners, but should be part of routine maintenance. During a wheel alignment the technician hoists the car in the air and adjusts the relative angle of the tires until they are set in the manufacturer specifications. You can get front wheel alignment for cars with front wheel drive, or four wheel alignment.

How often should you Get Wheel Alignments?
As with many routine auto repairs, you should follow the specifications outlined in the owner’s manual. It will outline how often you should have your tires and alignment checked. Usually it will be every 10,000 miles. However, if you live in Holly, MI near rough roads or uneven pavement you should get your alignment checked more frequently.

Benefits of Getting a Wheel Alignment
Wheel alignment services will give you:

1. More Control
A car out of alignment might drift to one side, or pull to the left or right. You might not notice it at first, but with time the problem will get worse and the car will pull even while the steering wheel is pointed straight ahead. Compensating for a bad alignment by adjust your steering can be frustrating and cumbersome. But a simple auto repair can improve drivability.

2. Better Fuel Efficiency
Tires out of alignment don’t work in harmony and create more friction against the road. So the engine must work harder to move your car forward. This reduces efficiency and you will end up paying more at the pumps. So if you want to improve efficiency and save more money on gas, consider getting a wheel alignment.

3. Longer Tire Life
Tires are an expensive auto repair, and if you drive your car at all, they will eventually wear out. However, improper alignment will cause parts of your tires to wear unevenly. These areas will thin and you will need replacement tires sooner than anticipated. Also, tire wear caused by poor alignment often voids the warranty on your tires.

4. Savings on Auto Repairs
Minor, inexpensive auto repairs often save you from more extensive problems down the line. This is especially true for wheel alignments. Bad alignment can cause wear, and not just on your tires. It can also put unnecessary stress on other parts of your car, like the steering, suspension, and brakes.

5. Improved Safety
Proper alignment keeps your car running efficiently and safely. With auto repair and wheel alignment you can decrease your risk of break downs, keeping you and your passengers safe.

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