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5 Essential Tips for Summer Car Care

Unlike school, car care does not take a break between Memorial Day and Labor Day. In fact, because it is road trip and outdoor adventure season, you want your car in better condition than ever. However, the hotter months can wreak havoc during this season of break downs. High temps and dust can take a toll on your car and it’s important systems. Luckily, these essential services and auto repairs will help keep your car running safely and smoothly all summer long in Ortonville, MI.

1. Keep it Clean
A long, wet winter and the leftover reside can cause corrosion, which is damaging to your vehicle. The first thing you want to do before kicking off summer is a full audit of your car, both inside and out. Look for rust spots and salt residue on the undercarriage. Check the rubber components like wiper blades and seals. Replace any items as necessary, and wash off all winter residue. Be sure to also clean your floor mats if you track road salt into the car.

2. Check the Tires
Extremely warm weather can cause potholes, which damages tires. The heat also makes air in your tires expand. In combination, many drivers run the risk of a blowout. So check the tire pressure regularly and avoid over inflating or underinflating your tires. Using the onboard monitoring system is fine, but you should also pull out a manual gauge at least once a month. And don’t use the inflation pressure listed on the sidewall of the tire. That is maximum pressure. Instead look for the specifications listed in your owner’s manual or on the driver’s side door jamb. And while you are at it, check your tire tread depth. All you need is a penny. Hold it upside down with Lincoln’s head facing you and insert it into the grooves. If you can see Lincoln’s whole head, it is time for new tires.

3. Inspect the Battery
Overcharging and excessive heat will shorten the life of your car battery. Heat also causes battery fluid to evaporate, which can damage the internal structure of the part. Keep the battery free of dirt and corrosion and have it checked regularly to make sure it is charging at the proper rate.

4. Increase Frequency of Oil Changes
In the summer, your schedules shift and your routine vehicle maintenance and auto repair should shift as well. Any intense weather will put extra demands on the oil and oil filter—not to mention towing a boat or camper, or going on long road trips. Adjust your oil change frequency accordingly and follow the elevated maintenance schedule outlined in the owner’s manual.

5. Keep the Engine Cool
More heat outside can also add heat to your car’s engine. This is why overheating is the leading cause of summer breakdowns. Pop the hood and check your coolant regularly, topping it off every few weeks with a 50:50 mixture of coolant and distilled water. Go the extra step and also check the condition of your coolant reservoir and the hoses as well. If anything is leaking, cracked, or brittle, get it replaced. These components are exponentially important for their ability to keep your engine.

Visit Holly Tire for Summer Car Care
Some of these tips and auto repair Ortonville, MI you can perform yourself, and some you want to leave to the professionals. Call Holly Tire or visit us at 15140 N. Holly Rd. Holly, MI 48442. We have been serving the car owners of Ortonville, MI and the surrounding area since 1991. We can have you ready for summer and out on the road in no time.


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