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5 Most Common Car Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioning is a standard feature in most new cars. But unfortunately many vehicle owners consider air conditioning non-essential. The engine, brakes, suspension, and transmission generally take priority—and rightly so. But this means the air conditioning is often overlooked and can develop costly issues. Instead you want professional technicians to routinely service your air conditioning to address any emerging issues and help you avoid more expensive repairs down the line.

  1. Moisture

Typically when working properly, the air conditioner in your car will cool, dry, and clear the air. But if the system develops leaks and is contaminated by moisture, then it cannot clear it out and cool the air. Not only that, but moisture can mix with refrigerant and create a corrosive acid that can damage some vital parts, and the repair will be expensive.

  1. Odors

Micro-organisms, fungi, and bacteria can develop in your air conditioning system when it is not in use. It is something you might notice after a long winter. The damp and dark interior of the A/C system makes the perfect condition for their growth. If left untreated, these micro-organisms can produce pungent odors. That is why a routine system flush and inspection is a good way to alleviate foul odor coming through the air conditioning, and improve the efficiency of your system before it goes too far.

  1. Low Refrigerant

What motor oil does for your engine, refrigerant does for your A/C system. Unfortunately the refrigerant will diminish by 15 percent per year and most often occurs in the winter. This is because the system is not in use and the seals can dry out. So if you have noticed that your air conditioning is not cooling, it could be low refrigerant. You can’t let this problem go on because low or contaminated refrigerant will cause unnecessary wear, starting with the compressor. You will want to get your system checked, the seals lubricated, and the refrigerant topped off as soon as possible.

  1. Soiled Condenser

The condenser cools high-pressure refrigerant vapors that exit out the compressor. But if the condenser is blocked because of dirt and grime, it will constrict air flow. The result is no cooling and you will need to get a system flush to remove residue.

  1. Mechanical Problems

Your air conditioning system involves a lot of components. A few major parts include the compressor, compressor clutch switch, fuses, wires, fan belt, pressure switch, valves, evaporator, etc. If any one of these parts malfunctions, you will have trouble getting cool air into your car. This can be frustrating to say the least. But the good news is you don’t have to go without your air conditioning for long.

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