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5 Signs you Need to Change your Spark Plugs

When your car has trouble starting it isn’t always because of the battery. It could actually be old and faulty spark plugs. Though small, spark plugs have a big job to do. That is why you need to pay attention and know what to watch for, so you can stay ahead of some major problems. Here are a few signs that you might need to change your spark plugs.

What do Spark Plugs and Wires Do?

The high-voltage components in your vehicle, including the plugs and wires, provide the spark for your combustion engine. Wires transmit the electricity from the distributor coil directly to the plugs. When the plugs spark it igniters the fuel and oxygen mixture in the cylinders to drive the pistons. In turn, that controlled explosion gives the pistons power to move your vehicle. Like other parts, residue can build up on the parts or they can break down. Typically spark plugs are expected to last about 45,000 miles. But the numbers will vary depending on your driving and maintenance habits.

  1. Check Engine Light

This dashboard warning light can indicate any number of problems, not just spark plugs. But if your spark plugs or wires are worn, this could trigger the check engine light.

  1. Less Miles per Gallon

When spark plugs work efficiently they burn all the fuel in the combustion chamber and your car gets optimal fuel economy. But when a spark plug isn’t working properly it does not burn the fuel as efficiently. This is often because the gap between the plug electrodes is too far or too close. A technician can examine your spark plug and adjust the gap if this is the issue. This is easier and more affordable than replacing the entire spark plug.

  1. Rough Idle

When your engine idles it runs at lower RPMs. A car in good repair will sound smooth and continuous. A car not in good repair will sound jittery and rough. You can also typically feel a vibration when a car misfires. Don’t let this issue go on too long or it could more serious damage.

  1. Sluggish Acceleration

This is often a tell-tale sign your car will need new spark plugs soon. You might feel a delayed reaction when you press down on the gas pedal. Or there might be a slower increase instead of an immediate boost of speed.

  1. Engine Misfires

Typically if an engine misfires it is because of troubles with the ignition system. And in more modern cars it could be because of a malfunction with one of the sensor. But a misfire can also stem from faulty or damaged spark plugs and wires. You can sometimes notice a misfire by the sputtering or stumbling sounds coming from the engine.

Whether your car is older, or fairly new, you want to make sure you get routine services, inspections and auto repair in Grand Blanc, MI. Technicians will check out major components like ignition wires and spark plugs. This can prolong the life of your vehicle so you can save time and money in the long run. For a routine auto repair call Holly Tire. You can schedule an appointment or try visiting 15140 N Holly Rd Holly, MI 48442.


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