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8 FAQs about Oil Changes

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. And just like tire rotations and break service, changing the oil should be a standard for routine auto care. Have questions about oil changes? Find the answers right here.

  1. Why do I need routine oil changes?

The oil in your engine helps everything run smoothly. Just think of all the moving parts that require lubrication. Motor oil also helps keeps your car from overheating by reducing friction and transferring some of the unwanted heat.

  1. What happens if I don’t get regular oil changes?

If the oil gets too old or too low then it won’t perform its jobs very well. This can cause unnecessary wear on the engine, overheating, and in extreme cases, seizes the engine. Those can be nasty and expensive problems. That is why regular oil changes are so important.

  1. When should I change the oil?

Specifications for scheduling your oil changes will be outlined in your owner’s manual. Typically you get the oil changed every three months or 3,000 miles, but different engines will have different needs. Most repair companies will give you a small sticker on the windshield to remind you when you schedule your next oil change. And many modern cars now have an oil indicator light on the dash that comes on when it is time for your next oil change.

  1. Why should I change the oil instead of topping it off?

The more oil circulates through the engine, the more buildup collects in the oil itself. Over time it will get sludgy and black. Adding new motor oil just mixes with the old oil. Instead of removing the contaminates it just keeps circulating it through your engine. Granted, if you have a low-oil emergency, top it off. But then you need to follow up with a technician for a diagnosis and full oil change.

  1. What happens when I bring my car in for an oil change?

The technician will lift the car and drain all the old oil. Then they will replace it with new, clean oil. It may be synthetic, blended, or conventional oil depending on the needs of your vehicle. An oil change usually includes replacing the oil filter and providing a courtesy inspection of the fluid levels, lights, tires, and battery of your vehicle.

  1. Can I switch brands between oil changes?

Sure, switching brands for your engine oil should not be a problem. Just be sure the motor oil you choose meets the viscosity levels outlined in the owner’s manual. Have questions about which brand is best? Talk to a technician and find the right engine oil to improve performance for your vehicle.

  1. Is an oil change different for diesels?

The process is the same, but the oil itself is different. Engine oil for diesels usually have more additives. This is in part because diesel engines get a little dirtier. They also tend to pull more weight and need more frequent oil changes.

  1. Should I change my own oil?

If you have the proper skill and tools, then yes, you can change your own oil. But doing so can be inconvenient—especially during the winter months in White Lake, MI. Sometimes it is just easier and cleaner to leave it to the professionals. And there is less risk of a mistake if you call a certified technician.

Looking to get your oil changed and auto maintenance in White Lake, MI? Call Holly Tire. We offer the best service experience for our customers and have been providing quality, integrity, and value in auto repair since 1991. Stop by 15140 N Holly Rd Holly, MI 48442 to see for yourself.


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