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8 Signs it is Time for a New Car Battery

“If I had only known sooner, or known what to watch for.” So many of our customers come to us with this claim, and we have all been there. The last thing a driver wants is to have their car stall and not be able to start it again. A car battery can drain for any number of reasons—heat, cold, idleness, or simply forgetting to switch off the lights. As a battery gets older it will be more difficult to hold a charge—and eventually, the battery becomes obsolete. Here are some signs to watch for if this is happening:

1. Slow Engine Crank
You might not realize, but it takes a lot of power to get your car started. This power comes solely from the battery. Once the engine turns over the alternator kicks in and keeps the battery going. You might notice the engine taking longer to turn over. If it cranks a few times before starting up, then you know something is up. It could be a problem with the wiring or the contacts, it might just be cold outside, or your battery might be running out of juice.

2. Issues with Electrical Components
Radio, wipers, lights, power windows and seats—all these electrical components rely on the battery for enough juice to function. When the battery is weak these electronic accessories can start to malfunction.

3. Rotten Egg Smell
This is also one of the first signs your battery is failing. Conventional car batteries are filled with a mix of water and sulfuric acid, a chemical reaction contained in a box. With time the acid and water can evaporate, disturbing the mixture and causing the battery to overheat and produce the foul smell.

4. Bloating Battery Case
In addition to a foul smell, the flat sides of the battery might also bulge and swell. This can happen during summer or winter, and once it occurs the battery cannot be saved. You will need auto repair and battery replacement.

5. Low Battery Fluid Level
Batteries have a transparent portion of the casing so that you can keep an eye on your battery fluid. If the level gets below the lead plates, then you will need to have the battery tested and perhaps replaced.

6. Battery Leak
You might notice moisture clinging to the battery casing, which can cause corrosion around the posts. If it forms you should remove it, otherwise, the gunk could keep your car from starting.

7. Age
Your battery can usually last for four years, if not more. But around that time you want to get auto repair and a battery inspection annually. This way you can keep an eye out for potential problems. Not sure how old your battery is? You can find the manufacturing date posted on the battery case.

8. Check Engine Light
Most vehicles have a dashboard warning light for the battery, similar to the check engine light. It will turn on if the battery does not get properly replenished, or if there is an internal issue.

Bring your Car in for an Inspection
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