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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Tips for Better Fuel Efficiency This Summer

Summer is full of friends, adventure, and fun—but it also comes with higher gas prices and lower fuel efficiency. This means you are spending more money on gas when you would much rather be spending it on other things. Fortunately there are several things you can do in summer to improve gas mileage and save some green. These are just a few tips to help you get started: Adjust Air Conditioner Most drivers know that to save on gas mileage in the summer they need to limit use of the air conditioning as much as possible. But repeatedly blasting the A/C on high for a few minutes and then shutting it off completely is not the most efficient method. Instead the best thing to do is adjust the temperature setting to somewhere in the middle. Set it to where you cool the air just enough to remain comfortable, but not cooling more than you need to. Roll Down the Windows Before turning on the air conditioning, roll your windows down to let hot air out. Thi ... read more


Auto Maintenance

Summer Car Care Checklist

Summer is here in Ortonville, MI and with it comes longer days, some humidity, and definitely extra heat. All of this impacts how your car runs. So to prepare for this change of season, here are a few items you want to get on top of as soon as possible: Oil You have heard it a hundred times, but this is still the best advice to keep your car on the road. Make sure you change the oil as specified in your owner’s manual—about every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. It is also a great idea to perform an oil change at the beginning of every summer. Why? Because the heat causes thermal breakdown and makes oil a less reliable lubricant. So get ahead of these issues with an early oil change. Coolant Antifreeze is important in the winter, and vital in the summer. Because of the heat, this important fluid must work triple time. Over time the coolant degrades, just like oil. And because it lubricates the water pump and guards against corrosion, you want to f ... read more


Auto Service

I Hit a Large Pothole, Now What Should I Do?

Potholes are notorious for causing all kinds of problems for cars in Goodrich, MI. With proper inflation your tires and vehicle should be able to handle shallower potholes. But hitting a big pothole will be unmistakable. The sudden dip and the violent jarring when your tire makes impact often does more than just rattle your bones. The damage to your vehicle is almost inevitable. Sometimes it might be immediately noticeable and you will need to get your car in for auto repairs right away. Other times the problems from pothole damage will sneak up on you, and it can take a little longer to identify. Here is some information and some advice to follow after you hit a pothole. Potential Damage from Potholes Problems that can stem from hitting a pothole include: Tire puncture, wear, or damage Wheel rim damage Premature wear on struts and shocks Suspension damage Steering misalignment Exhaust system damage En ... read more


Auto Repair
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