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Auto Repairs You Should Always Leave to the Professionals

It isn’t uncommon for car owners to work on their own vehicles. In fact, for some, it is a point of pride. Sure, it can be a good way to save money. But newer cars are becoming more complex. Even the best gearheads shouldn’t tackle certain repairs. Here are a few maintenance tasks best left to professional technicians.

Sound System

This used to be a simple task, but now, a mistake could fry the entire electrical system. When it comes to working on electrical wiring, you really need to know what you are doing. That is why you should take advantage of free fittings when they are included in the purchase of your stereo or DVD player. And if not, get your car in to professionals for installation.


Basic dents and chips are one thing, but serious body work is a difficult task. And because it involves paint, something could easily go wrong. You could get poor coverage or a bad finish. Not to mention the fumes you may expose yourself to.


When it comes to glass, even the smallest crack can be a safety risk. It isn’t a problem you want to let sit for long. Professionals can replace a windscreen with ease and make it look simple, but this isn’t a repair just anyone can do. Cheap DIY kits will not last long. And if you decide to upgrade to the right tools, you may end up paying almost as much as you would to hire a professional.


Properly functioning brakes are vital. The last thing you want is to get the brakes wrong. And while it isn’t impossible for a competent mechanic, changing the brakes will require a certain level of expertise. You will need to include brake pads, discs, calipers, and more.

Timing Belt

This isn’t a repair that comes up often, but the timing belt is a critical part of your car’s operation. Improper installation could ultimately kill your vehicle. Unfortunately, because this job is so difficult, it can also be tremendously expensive.


The gearbox is arguably the most complicated system in your vehicle. There are thousands or elements working together to make up the transmission. Because it is so expensive, many people fall into the trap of taking it on themselves. But if you are unqualified, it could have disastrous results.


This is what keeps your car between the lines on the road and maintains your comfort in the driver’s seat. It also keeps your car safe. Any time you install new components or tamper with the suspension, you can throw off the alignment. It can eat up your tires and make your vehicle a safety hazard. It isn’t worth the risk.

Engine Control Unit

Just like most computer repairs, you don’t want to mess with the ECU unless you know exactly what you are doing. Even knowing how to run a mustimeter, you are not likely to find the problem. In fact, you may cause serious issues without expert assistance. Professional technicians have the training and the technology for these systems.

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