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Check these 7 Car Fluids in Spring

Winter is on the way out in Ortonville, MI, and there is no better time to give your car some springtime love. If you want to maintain your vehicle, and prepare it for warmer weather, here are some of the car fluids you need to check and maybe change this season.

  1. Motor Oil

This is pretty basic, and the first fluid that should come to mind. To keep all the moving parts of your engine lubricated your car needs motor oil. But over time the oil fills with contaminants as it runs through all of the systems. You want to get your oil checked at changed every couple of months. This should be second nature.

  1. Radiator Fluid

The coolant is what keeps your engine from freezing in the winter, but also from overheating once it gets running. Run low on radiator fluid and you increase the risk of getting stranded on the shoulder when your car overheats. To avoid this problem think about taking your car in for cooling system maintenance. Technicians can perform a radiator coolant flush. This will remove any sediment or dirt that has built up in the system and fill it with fresh coolant.

  1. Fluid

After a long and wet winter you have probably depleted a lot of your windshield wiper fluid. But more than just the fluid levels, you want to get your wiper system examined for leaks. At some point over the winter there is a chance some of the fluid froze and caused damage. Having it inspected by a technician will ensure the system works when your windshield gets peppered with the rains or bugs of spring.

  1. Brake Fluid

Overtime brake fluid absorbs moisture and becomes less effective. And if your brakes are not as reactive as they should be, it can require more force to stop your vehicle and put you and your passengers at risk. That is the last thing you want on your trip for spring break. So make sure you get your brake system, and specifically the fluid, inspected before setting off on your next adventure.

  1. Power Steering Fluid

Here is a fluid many drivers take for granted. The power steering fluid keeping the system lubricated and gives you the power to easily control the wheels of your vehicle with very little force. So this spring take a moment and check the reservoir for leaks, and make sure your fluid is topped off.

  1. Transmission Fluid

This fluid facilitates a lot of essential functions like keeping the transmission cool and lubricated while promoting gear shifts. If you are planning a long trip this spring or summer, then you want to be sure the transmission system is in top shape.

  1. Refrigerant

Soon enough you will be switching your temperature control. But before you crank it from heat to cool you want to check your refrigerant of Freon levels. This is what keeps your A/C blowing cold air when those temperatures climb in the next few weeks.

Call to schedule a routine maintenance check this spring. The ASE certified technicians of Holly Tire feel a personal obligation to each individual customer. They will give you the most reliable auto service in Ortonville, MI and help get your car ready for spring. Stop by 15140 N Holly Rd Holly, MI 48442 today.


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