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Do I Need New Brakes?

Brakes are one of the most important safety features in your vehicle, but are also one of the most overlooked systems. Your car is a massive heap of metal and glass flying down the road. What would happen if your brakes failed and you couldn’t stop? You and others could be badly injured, even killed due to a collision. Don’t take your brakes for granted! Instead, pay close attention to your brake repair Fenton, MI system and get your car in for auto repair in Goodrich, MI at the first sign of trouble. How do you know if your brakes are going bad? Watch for these signs:

Screeching Sound
This is usually your first indicator that something might be wrong with the brake system. Granted, your brake pads and rotors do accumulate dirt and dust—and sometimes this can cause the noise. However, it also happens when the brake pads wear down. There is a backing plate that screeches when it rubs against the rotors, indicating it is time for new brake pads.

Clicking or Grinding Sound
Both of these sounds mean bad news, and often more than just the brake pads will need to be replaced. Grinding or growling usually means the caliper is rubbing on the disc brake because the brake pads have worn down. This scratches the rotors and the technician might have to turn the rotors, or replace them as well as the brake pads.

Pulsating Pedal
If you have pressed down on the brakes and felt a vibration or pulsating sensation, this is often a sign your breaks need attention. When the brake pads press on the rotors, they cause friction. Wear on the pads or warping caused by excessive heat can result in vibrations. When you take your car in for auto repair, the technician can resurface the pads or rotors. But if the brakes are too far gone, they might need replacement.

Another clear indicator that often gets ignored is a spongey brake pedal. Your brakes should work instantaneously the moment you put your foot down on the pedal. If you experience reduced responsiveness while braking, it could mean a fluid leak. You might also see an oil-like spot on the driveway, but not as slimy. If this happens, get your car in for auto repair right away.

Pulling to One Side
This usually has to do with the alignment on your vehicle, but if pulling only occurs when you press down on the brakes, it might be a different issue. The brake linings or pads might be wearing unevenly. An adjustment might correct the problem or you might need to flush and replenish the brake fluid.

Brake Pads Look Thin
While it often takes a trained eye to see the thickness on the brake pads, it is something you can check if you know where to look. Check through the spokes of your wheel. The outside of the brake pad should be visible. If material is less than ¼ inch thick, the brake pads are too thin.

Still not sure about the condition of your brakes? Just bring your car in to Holly Tire for a check and we can perform any auto repair you might need in Goodrich, MI at a fair price. Call us today or visit us at 15140 N. Holly Rd. Holly, MI 48442.


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