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Do I Need New Shocks or Struts?

Your shock absorption system in your car does more than just ensure a smooth ride. In fact, the primary purpose of shock absorbers is to help you maintain control while you drive. And worn or failing shocks will not only make your ride uncomfortable, but also unsafe. Not sure if you are at risk behind the wheel? Here are common signs that your shocks or struts need to be replaced as soon as possible:

  1. Uneven Wear on the Tires

Your tires should keep uniform contact on the road for stability and control. And uneven wear always indicates a problem. It could mean your wheels are out of alignment. Or it might also be that the suspension does not keep tires firmly on the road. And uneven wear increases your risk of getting a sudden flat or hydroplaning.

  1. Rocking and Rattling

No, it is not likely you are driving through a mini-earthquake. But that shaking, rattling, and rocking feeling you get when you drive could point to trouble with the struts or shocks. The suspension in your vehicle should help soften the blows of driving on the road. When it doesn’t it puts unnecessary pressure on other parts of your vehicle, causing undue wear, early breakdowns, and expensive auto repair.

  1. Dipping or Swerving when you Brake

Does the front end of your vehicle noticeably dip when you stop? Or, even worse, does your car veer to one side when you brake? Your shocks could be the root of the problem. And think about how dangerous these types of conditions would be on a wet or icy road.

  1. Steering Colum Vibrations

You have probably noticed little vibrations in your steering wheel here and there. Usually this is caused by an uneven surface on the road and will clear up when you hit smooth pavement. But if the vibration is more excessive, and remains constant, it could indicate a serious problem with your suspension. And at highways speeds it can be downright dangerous. You will want to get in for auto repair.

  1. Car Veers with Side Winds

As you have seen, worn shocks often means unsteadiness while you drive. Typically you will not need to correct your car when a mild gust blows your way. But if your shocks are worn out or failing, any gust can suddenly feel like you are driving through a tornado.

How to Test Your Shocks and Struts

If you have noticed one or two of the above problems while diving your car, there is a simple test you can use to see if your shocks and struts are the root of the problem. Park your car on a level surface and press down on the front end. When you release it should only take a one or two bounces to calm. If it takes more, then you probably have a suspension problem that needs auto repair.

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