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Don’t Be Surprised at your Next Auto Repair

Most drivers don’t really prepare for auto services. They simply drop their car off and let the mechanics go to work. Then, when the bill comes back, they are surprised at the cost of all the work that “needed” to be done. Most auto repair shops in the area are trustworthy, and technicians should have your best interest in mind. But that isn’t always the case. To avoid overpaying and unnecessary up-sells, there are a few things you can do to prepare and avoid those surprises on your bill.

1. Check the Owner’s Manual
This is a great resource for outlining routine service. It tells you when to go in for oil changes and alignments and also gives you a timeline for a lot of the parts on your vehicle. Sure, it isn’t going to factor in your driving habits or tell you exactly when a part will break down. But it will give you a general idea of when to expect certain services so you are never surprised when a mechanic comes to you and tells you that you need a new air filter or serpentine belt.

2. Build a Good Relationship with Your Mechanic
Repairs and maintenance will go more smoothly if you have a good relationship with your technician. The familiarity fosters trust and communication. You feel comfortable going to your mechanic if you notice something is off with your car. And likewise, they know they can come and tell you the truth about your vehicle without you getting defensive.

3. Get Written Estimates
Do not commit to any work without a written estimate. Most states require this type of authorization by law, and it is just common sense. The document should outline the parts and labor with specific charges for the repairs. You know up front what needs to be done and how much it will cost, and they need your signature before they can start work. But what if you aren’t sure about the services outlined on the estimate? Don’t worry.

4. Ask Questions
When a mechanic comes to you with a list of repairs on an estimate, you do not have to agree to the services. If you feel unsure about anything, do not hesitate to ask questions—as many as you need to. It’s true, the jargon of auto repair can be confusing. Any good technician should be able to explain the repairs and why they are necessary. At Holly Tire, we are prepared to help you understand as much as possible about your vehicle, the potential problems, and the Clarkston, MI auto repairs.

5. Take Your Time
You should not feel pressured to get any work done that you are not comfortable with. When you are unsure about any part of the auto repair, let the technician or service writer know. That will give you time to do some research, ask around, and get the answers you need before making a decision you can feel confident about.

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