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Drive Safe at Night with Headlight Maintenance

As long as your headlights turn on you should be in good shape, right? Unfortunately this isn’t always true. Sure, working headlights are great, especially compared to the alternative. But if your headlights are not bright enough, your vision is sure to be impaired. That puts you and your passengers at risk. So what can you do about dim headlights? There are a few options. Here are some tips:

Check the Lenses
Sometimes the problem is as simple as a dirty or foggy lens. So the next time you go out to your car, take a minute to check them. If you see dirt and debris, clean it away. Do the lenses look crystal clear or are they foggy and yellowing? Over time your headlights will become cloudy because of wear and exposure. This diffuses the beam of your headlights. The softer light makes it more difficult for you to see, but also makes it hard for others to see you. You can try a headlight restoration kit or take your car in for professional headlight cleaning. In many cases your original headlights can be saved, and will perform as good as new.

Check the Focus
Another simple problem is your headlights might not be aimed well. Potholes or rough roads can jostle them out of position. If the headlights are aimed too low they won’t show you enough of the road. If they are aimed too high it could create a blind spot for oncoming drivers. Fortunately there is any easy way to see if this is the problem. Park on a level surface about five feet from a wall or garage door. Turn your headlights on and look at the pools of light. They should hit at the same point on the wall. If they don’t you should get your car in for auto repair in White Lake, MI.

Check Brightness
In addition to clouding over time, headlights also naturally dim. While performing the previous test, look also at the type of light. It should seem bright and white. If it looks dim or yellow, you should get replacement bulbs. This might seem like an easy DIY repair, but you should get a mechanic to replace and adjust them. That way you know for sure the job is done right.

Replace Headlights in Pairs
Too often drivers replace just the one headlight that is dim. If you do this one light will be brighter than the other. Instead of proper illumination you get imbalanced light. It can be distracting to other drivers and put you at risk. To avoid this issue you should have both bulbs replaced at the same time.

Check the Other Lights
Headlights are not the only illumination. Taillights, signals, running lights, and brake lights are all important. You want to be sure everything is working if you want to drive safely in the dark.

Contact Holly Tire for Headlight Checks and Repairs
If you feel like your lights are dimming, or have any doubt about your headlights call us for White Lake, MI auto repair. You can get quality repair for a fair price at 15140 N. Holly Rd. Holly, MI 48442.


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