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Easy Fixes for Common Windshield Wiper Problems

Have you ever been essentially “driving blind” through torrential rain because your wipers weren’t functioning? It is scary and dangerous. But you probably don’t think much about your car’s windshield wipers until something like that happens. What can you do? Here are some of the most common problems you might experience with your wipers and what you can do to solve them.

  1. Chattering Sounds

The sound of wiper blades chattering against the windshield isn’t just annoying. It means they are not working properly. Instead of the water wiping way efficiently you will probably see streaks. Most often this comes from buildup on the blades. There might be wax, grease, frost, or oil on the blades that keep them from properly cleaning away the water. To test this theory you should give your wiper blades and the windshield a good cleaning. Removing the frost or residue should give you a smooth, streakless operation. But if that doesn’t fix the chattering the wiper arm might be bent. You can use some pliers to twist it carefully back until the blade is snug against the glass.

  1. Smearing in Both Directions

The condition of your windshield wipers directly impacts how well they work. If the rubber on your wiper blades is torn or worn then it cannot clear away debris or moisture. In fact the small gap can actually trap dirt and gouge or scratch the glass. You will want to get the rubber replaced immediately. But if your wiper blades are new, and still don’t work, try upgrading your wiper fluid or cleaning your wiper blades and wiping the edge with rubbing alcohol.

  1. Smearing in One Direction

In colder weather it is common for water to smear in only one direction. There isn’t much you can do except do your best to remove the slush that builds up along the edge of your windshield. If it isn’t cold and you notice this kind of smearing it could mean your wiper blades re the wrong size or have become hard. It is time for replacements.

  1. Water Beads, but Won’t Wipe Away

Windshields have special treatments that cause water to bead. This makes it easier to clear and run off. But in some cases the beads remain stuck, even with wipers, and obscure your vision. This is often a product of high pollution. Residue and grim builds up on the windshield and causes the beading water to stick. The best solution is to give your window a good cleaning and then treat it with a product to repel water. These treatments last a few months, and you will need to reapply it regularly to keep your windshield clear.

  1. Heavy Snow

Wipers should be able to remove small amounts of snow. But heavy, wet snow can cause some serious damage. That is why you need to clear your windshield before driving in winter. Heavy snow can cause the arms to bend, or the wiper motor to fail. And if you live in an area with heavy snowfall, you might consider winter windshield wiper blades.

Get New Wipers from Holly Tire

If you take the time to regularly clean and maintain your wiper blades, and use them properly, you will be amazed at how long they can last. That said, you might have a problem with the motor or fuse that you can’t fix on your own. If your window wipers are not up to snuff, a good time to replace them or have them checked is at the tail end of winter. The harshest season is over and replacing them now will prepare you for the spring showers in Brandon, MI auto maintenance. Call today or visit 15140 N Holly Rd Holly, MI 48442.


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