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How do I Avoid Tire Problems?

Few things are worse than being stranded on the side of the road because of a flat tire—especially in the summer heat. Unfortunately the warmer weather from April to October makes your tires even more prone to fail. That is why late spring to early fall is often known as tire-blowout season for many technicians. During this time motorists are driving farther, faster, and with heavier loads. You have probably seen the treads of failed tires collecting on the shoulder of the interstate.

Tips for Preventing Tire Blowouts
Think about it. Tires are the only part of your vehicle in constant contact with road. While some blowouts just come down to bad luck, there are some things you can do to help stop unnecessary tire wear and prevent flats. These include:

1. Altering Driving Habits
There is no way to avoid tire wear. If you drive, it is going to happen. However you can avoid triggering tire wear with poor driving behaviors. Hitting potholes and taking curves too fast can wear the edges of your tires or cause leaks.

2. Monitoring Tire Pressure
Every other time you fill up with gas you should check your tire pressure. Under and over-inflated tires do not make proper contact with the road and result in premature tire wear. Check the owner’s manual or tire wall for proper pressure.

3. Checking Treads
You can perform a simple penny test to check the treads on your tires. Simply insert a penny, Lincoln’s head first, into several treads across the tire. If you repeatedly see the top of his head then your tread depth is too low. You should get in for auto repair as soon as possible. Even tires with half of their tread left can still be risky.

4. Avoiding Hazardous Roadways
Sometimes you just can’t get around it. But when you can, try not to drive near construction sites or on roads that are not well maintained. As you can guess, potholes, glass, metal shards, rocks, and nails can cause punctures and flat tires.

5. Stop Overloading the Vehicle
Did you know that on the sidewall of your tire there is a maximum load rating? This guideline printed near the center tells you how much weight your tires can handle. Do not exceed that number or the heat and friction from a too-heavy load will likely cause your tires to fail.

6. Regularly Rotating Tires
Your vehicle distributes weight unevenly, and places different amounts of friction on each wheel. This causes them to wear in uneven patterns. To prevent this you should think about getting a tire rotation when you get an oil change.

7. Getting an Alignment
Any time you have your tires replaced or rotated you should also get an alignment. This helps ensure optimal safety and drivability. Your tires will last longer, the ride will feel smoother, and your wheels will remained pointed in the right direction.

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