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How to Respond to these 5 Scary Things that Can Happen on the Road

The road can be a frightening place, no matter where you live or how well you drive. Dangerous situations can come out of nowhere, like faulty brakes, hydroplaning, or a blown tire. Fortunately, there are ways to prepare for the unthinkable so if something does happen, you can do all you can to stay safe on the road and get the auto repairs you need.

1. Hood is Smoking

When smoke comes from your hood, it doesn’t usually mean your engine is on fire. Most likely, it is smoking because one of your fluids sprung a leak and is dripping on the hot engine parts. Black smoke typically means it is oil. White or grey smoke could mean antifreeze, water, or brake fluid. Do not keep driving. Pull over, but don’t start unscrewing caps or loosening hoses. Your engine is still hot and the fluids are pressurized. Boiling hot liquid could come spraying out. Just wait until the car cools down before starting a self-inspection. And, if you are uneducated in these things, call a tow truck so you can get proper auto repair.

2. Brakes Suddenly Don’t Respond

If you are driving a stick and the brakes fail, you can downshift to slow your vehicle. But if you are driving an automatic, your choices are more limited. You will need to find a crafty way to stop the car. Grassy hills, fields, or medians are the ideal choice. The dirt, grass, and natural incline will help you slow down. But if those are not an option, you can rub your tires against the curb or coast into a chain link fence. Your life is more important than a paint job.

3. Clutch Won’t Push Back Up

If you drive a manual transmission and have ever had this happen, you might know the cause. If you feel the pedal sinking father into the floor without any recoil, it doesn’t mean your clutch has gone bad. It probably means you need to replenish your clutch fluid. Pull over and call someone to bring you more clutch fluid.

4. Tire Blows Out

This is a common issue and many drivers are terrified of it happening. You will probably hear a popping sound and feel your car start to lose control. Don’t panic! Keep a firm grip on the wheel and don’t slam on the brakes. Let your car slow gradually and pull to the side of the road.

5. Car Completely Shuts Off

While not as common, this can happen. Two out of three times, it stems from bad alternators. A misfiring kill switch usually accounts for the other third. It could also be a faulty fuel valve, fuel pump, or vacuum leak. Just coast to the nearest parking lot or driveway and call a tow so the auto repair center can take a look.

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