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I Hit a Large Pothole, Now What Should I Do?

Potholes are notorious for causing all kinds of problems for cars in Goodrich, MI. With proper inflation your tires and vehicle should be able to handle shallower potholes. But hitting a big pothole will be unmistakable. The sudden dip and the violent jarring when your tire makes impact often does more than just rattle your bones. The damage to your vehicle is almost inevitable. Sometimes it might be immediately noticeable and you will need to get your car in for auto repairs right away. Other times the problems from pothole damage will sneak up on you, and it can take a little longer to identify. Here is some information and some advice to follow after you hit a pothole.

Potential Damage from Potholes

Problems that can stem from hitting a pothole include:

  • Tire puncture, wear, or damage
  • Wheel rim damage
  • Premature wear on struts and shocks
  • Suspension damage
  • Steering misalignment
  • Exhaust system damage
  • Engine damage
  • Fluid leaks

This is why you want to be extra vigilant, and get necessary repairs before minor problems escalate into larger ones.

What to Do Immediately After Hitting a Pothole

Vehicle damage typically depends on the size of pothole, your speed, your vehicle, and the air pressure in your tire. You might think that things are fine, but you still want to treat the incident like an accident. You should:

  • Pull safely to the side of the road
  • Take pictures of the pothole and location
  • Inspect your tire, rims, and body for visible damage
  • Call a non-emergency police line to document the incident and report any damages
  • Call a tow truck if damage makes it necessary

Common Symptoms of Pothole Damage

When you commute regularly you should know exactly how your car drives. And chances are if something is off after hitting a pothole, you will notice right away. Don’t disregard your instincts. If damage isn’t obvious, and you can still drive your vehicle, you should:

  • Pay close attention to how your car handles
  • See if your steering seems off center
  • Feel for new shaking or vibrations
  • Watch for pulls to one side
  • Check for fluid leaks
  • Listen for unusual sounds from the exhaust system

Get an Inspection

If you hit a pothole and notice any of the above symptoms you will want to get your car to a technician for an inspection. They will know exactly where to look and what to look for if your car pulls, shakes, rattles, or leaks after hitting a pothole. Almost 90% of vehicles require an alignment. And the longer you drive without an alignment, the more damage you risk.

So don’t wait! Give Holly Tire a call after you hit a pothole in Goodrich, MI auto repair. Our technicians feel a personal obligation for each customer. We can provide honest, quality repair at a good price so you can get back on the road without concern. To schedule an inspection call. Or if you recently hit a pothole stop by 15140 N Holly Rd Holly, MI 48442 for more advice on what to do next.


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