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Pros and Cons of Buying an Electric Car

With new advancement comes new technology, but with most everything, in the auto world they come with pros and cons. One particular advancement getting a lot of attention is cars that use electricity instead of petroleum.

Advantages of Electric Cars

Here are some advantages you can expect when you purchase an electric car:

  1. Quick and Quiet

Most electric cars run smooth and quiet, whereas the combustion engine in conventional cars is typically loud. Electric cars are also quick because of the high torque which makes acceleration seamless.

  1. Recharging at Home

Conventional cars put you at the mercy of the pumps. You have to pay the widely fluctuating gas prices if you want to get anywhere. But with electric cars, you don’t have to go to the gas station ever again. You can power up your car from the comfort of your home.

  1. Cheaper Operation

Compared to gasoline, electricity is cheap. The cost per mile is approximately one-third the cost of petroleum.

  1. No Emissions

The pollution from gas-powered vehicles is immense. There are so many negative ramifications on health and the environment. Electric cars do not rely on combustion, and so electric cars do not have emissions or an exhaust system.

  1. Less Maintenance

Electric cars do not require oil changes or other regular auto repairs associated with combustion engines.

  1. Tax Credits

Any electric car purchased in the United States is eligible for potential IRS tax credits. The amount could be anywhere from $2,500 to $7,500.

Disadvantages of Electric Cars

Along with the many advantages, there are some drawbacks that come with electric cars, including:

  1. Limited Range

Most electric cars have a range of 60 to 100 miles, and very few can go 200 to 300 miles per charge. Fortunately manufacturers are constantly working to improve the range on electric vehicles.

  1. Inconsistent Charging Station Availability

While the number of charging stations is growing across the country, they are still not as easy to find as a traditional gas station. So it isn’t always going to be easy to recharge while you travel.

  1. Long Refueling Times

Conventional cars only take a few minutes to fuel up at the gas station. Recharging your electric car can take a while, like four hours to reach a full charge. Some can take as long as 20 hours.

  1. Lack of Options

With electric cars you don’t have as much variety to choose from. There just aren’t many styles to choose from. So if aesthetics are important, you might have to wait until electronic cars are more prevalent.

  1. Higher Price Tag

Electronic cars are a large initial investment. If you haven’t looked at them before you will probably experience sticker shock when you start your research. The more affordable models start in the $30,000 to $40,000 range.

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