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Signs your Car Battery is on the Way Out

The battery is a lot like the heart of your car, and without it your car won’t start, move, or do much of anything. That is why it is important to know what to watch for when it is time for a battery replacement. These are a few symptoms that can show it is time to get your car in for a replacement battery:

  1. Slow Engine Crank

Often this is one of the first indicators of a bad battery, but drivers tend to ignore it. Once the car is started, the alternator is what keeps the power going. But the ignition is powered solely by the battery. So if the cranking gets sluggish and starts to take longer, you probably have a battery problem.

  1. No Start

Sometimes when the weather is cold it can be hard to start your car. But if the engine consistently fails to start, even despite the cold, then your battery is bad. A jumpstart is a temporary fix, but eventually you will need to replace the battery.

  1. Low Battery Fluid

On your battery part of the casing is translucent. This shows you the battery fluid (water and sulfuric acid) so you can check the levels. The fluid will evaporate over time. This can change the balance of the mixture and it can overheat. This often causes a rotten egg smell. And if the fluid falls below the lead plats then you will need to get it replaced.

  1. Battery Leak

Intermittent starts can mean a couple of things. Usually the battery terminals are loose or there might be corrosion around the posts. You can try cleaning them to see if that resolve the problem. But just know that corrosion usually means your battery isn’t in great shape.

  1. Electrical Problems

In addition to starting the engine, your battery helps power a lot of the electrical components in your vehicle. A few things you might notice are dim headlights or dome lights and failure of some electronics.

  1. Parasitic Draw

These are fairly common, especially in modern cars when so many sources pull from the battery. If your car starts right when you drive it for several days, but then does not start after you let is sit for a day, then you probably have this problem. You will probably need a technician to figure out which components are secretly pulling from your battery.

  1. Check Engine Light

Most cars have an indicator light that pops up on the dashboard when a car battery isn’t replenishing of if there is another problem with the alternator or electrical system.

  1. Swelling Battery Case

Have you ever seen a car battery looking bloated or bulging? A battery is basically a chemical reaction inside a box. And when something goes wrong and there is excessive heat, the battery casing can swell.

  1. Age

Check the label on your battery. It should tell you the month and year of purchase. If the date of manufacturing is more than four years old, you should start looking for a replacement. Even if your car battery is running fine for now, it will not be long before other symptoms start cropping up.

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