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Spring Cleaning for Your Car

You probably spend time in the spring deep cleaning and organizing your home. But do you ever take the time to give your car a spring cleaning? It is important to get rid of all the winter mess and make sure your car is ready for the extra driving you tend to do in warmer weather. Here are a few simple tasks and auto repairs to spring clean your car:

  1. Clean and Organize the Compartments

First thing’s first, get rid of all the receipts, food boxes, bottles, and other trash you have been collecting for the last few months. Then clear out the glove box and other compartments. And take the time to check all your documents and insurance to make sure they are up to date.

  1. Get Rid of Junk in the Trunk

Next you want to clear out the trunk. Get rid of all the extra winter gear you have been toting around. It is also a good time to double check your spare tire and emergency kit.

  1. Clean Carpet and Upholstery

Start with the vacuum to clean up crumbs, dirt, and debris. Pull out the floor mats and give them a thorough cleaning to get rid of any rock salt, debris and dirt. Then use a damp towel to wipe down the seats.

  1. Wipe Down the Console

When cleaning the console, you want to avoid getting any wire connections wet. And when you wipe down the dashboard, make sure you thoroughly dry it. You also want to clean any surface areas you spend a lot of time touching, like the steering wheel, door handles, and gear shift.

  1. Wash and Examine the Exterior

You want to make sure the first wash of spring is a thorough one. Don’t just suds it up and spray it down. Use a soft towel and mild detergent to wash your car. And take the time to look at the exterior of your car, cleaning grime out from under all the edges and cracks. After it is dry, use a proper car paint to touch up any small scratches or pits.

  1. Clear the Wheels and Wheel Wells

Don’t just wash the body of your car, you also want to get down and really clean the wheels. Scrub the wheel wells and tires, and even go as far as removing the hub caps for a good cleaning. When you are done, tighten up any loose lug nuts and check the tire pressure.

  1. Wax

Now that the exterior of your car is clean and dry, it is time for a new coat of wax. Just make sure you apply it out of direct sunlight and test it on a hidden portion of the car before applying it to the entire surface.

  1. Replace the Wipers

One minor auto repair you can do yourself in early spring is replacing the window wipers. They probably saw a lot of use over the winter, and you will want them in good working order for spring.

  1. Shine the Windows

Your windows probably need some extra attention after a long winter. Use a generic window cleaner to shine both the interior and exterior surfaces. You should also wash your rear view mirrors.

  1. Peek Under the Hood

Pop the hood and remove any debris that has gotten into the engine area. If it is really dirty you might consider getting it professionally cleaned.

If you take an afternoon in early spring to clean and detail your car, you know it will be in the best possible condition for the upcoming months.

And if you need auto repairs in Brandon, MI like an oil change, tune up, or tire rotation call Holly Tire. You can set up an appointment or drop by 15140 N Holly Rd Holly, MI 48442 for more spring car care tips.


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