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Tips for Back to School Auto Maintenance

Whether you are dropping your child off for kindergarten or sending them off to college, you want to be sure your vehicle is up to the task. There will be plenty of busy mornings, after school activities, and errands to run. The last thing you want to deal with is an unexpected break down or blow out. To get your vehicle ready for the busy routines and keep all your students safe, here are a few guidelines to follow.

Check Your Owner’s Manual
One of the best things you can do is familiarize yourself with the recommended maintenance schedules for your car. That way you will know if it is time for a service or auto repair and can schedule those appointments and help prevent break downs. Most of the services are inexpensive and extend the life of your vehicle, saving even more money. A lot of major repairs can be avoided when you keep up with the manufacturer recommendations.

Keep Up Routine Auto Repair
Simple and routine maintenance tasks include oil changes, tire rotations, new filters, topping off fluid, checking the alignment and replacing any transmission or brake fluid where necessary. With time and use these parts of your car will start to wear out. Routine auto repair will keep your vehicle in good working order throughout the year.

Watch the Dashboard
The warning lights on your dash aren’t just for decoration. Each symbol has meaning and will alert you when something needs your attention. Do not grow accustomed to the warning lights. Instead get your car to a reliable mechanic in Holly, MI as soon as possible.

Be Prepared
Break downs and accidents do happen. The best way to stay safe during the school year is to be prepared. Always keep jumper cables, a spare tire, a tire iron, gloves, a flashlight and extra batteries in your car. You should also think about keeping an emergency kit and some food and warm clothes in your car as well. Better safe in these cases.

Get Organized
The cars that transport students may as well be cargo trucks. They are cluttered with books, packs, sports gear, shoes, food, etc. With so much stuff it is important to keep your car clean and organized. Otherwise a cluttered car can be dangerous, especially in the case of an emergency. There are several products you can buy to organize your trunk and seats. Once you get the belongings organized, do what you can to keep it that way.

Pay Attention to Your Car
You will likely be spending a lot more time in your car. Take it as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with how the vehicle handles, sounds, and drives. That way, if anything is different or out of the ordinary, you will know right away and be able to get in for repairs when it really counts.

Ready to get your vehicle ready for back to school? Call Holly Tire today or bring it in to 15140 N. Holly Rd. Holly, MI 48442. We can look at it and provide any auto maintenance Grand Blanc, MI you might need. We employ the best skilled technicians and feel a personal obligation to every individual customer in Holly, MI.


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