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Tips for Greener Driving in Ortonville, MI

Preservation of the environment is an issue we face daily. Many manufacturers are trying to develop eco-friendly vehicles to help offset the environmental impact. But you don’t have to go out and get a hybrid or electric car. By simply modifying some of your driving habits you can save money, prolong the life of your vehicle, and help move towards a greener planet. These simple tips will help you become a greener driver:

1. Weight
The more work your car has to do, the more fuel it burns and emissions it releases. That is why larger vehicles do not have great gas mileage. It doesn’t matter the type of car you drive, cutting down on the weight will increase your fuel economy. You probably have a little unwanted junk in the trunk—sports equipment, gym bags, rock salt from the winter. You don’t have to keep things like that in your vehicle at all times.

2. Roof Racks
Unused bike and ski racks add weight and wind resistance. Take them down in the off season, when you are not using them, to help boost your fuel efficiency.

3. Air Conditioning
Most people use the air conditioner far more than they need to. Obviously this consumes more fuel. And while driving with the windows open might seem like a good alternative to constantly running the air conditioner, it can also increases air drag. So instead you might consider keeping the windows up and switching to just the fan on longer drives.

4. Tires
Do not overlook proper tire maintenance. Make sure your tires are properly inflated and meet the recommended pressure designated in the owner’s manual. Underinflated tires not only wear down faster, but also impact fuel efficiency. Think about the energy it would take to roll a beanbag versus a ball up a hill. And if your old tires are on the way out, you can talk to an auto repair shop about switching to low rolling resistance tires.

5. Idling
An idle engine still produces the same emissions and gets no miles per gallon. In fact you can expend up to a quarter of a gallon of gas idling for just 15 minutes. You should shut off your car if you are not moving. Try it the next time you are stuck at a railroad crossing, waiting for a friend, or in the drive-through at the bank.

6. Speed
Hard accelerating and breaking can reduce efficiency by 33 percent. It also causes unnecessary wear on your vehicle. If you overcome inertia slowly, building up momentum, you can save energy. So rather than slamming on the breaks at a red light, and flooring the gas when it goes green, take it easy. Also, on the freeway, the EPA says cars run at maximum efficiency when traveling at 60 miles per hour. So slow down a little and you could avoid an extra stop at the gas station.

7. Cautious Driving
One of the best things you can do is pay attention to what is going on around you. When one motorist breaks sharply, the delayed reactions of driver’s following can cause traffic to slow to a near stop. This is called the concertina effect. But if you give yourself some distance between the car in front of you, and pay attention three or four cars ahead, you can be prepared for what is happening. This will increase your fuel economy and prevent the concertina effect from happening.

8. Auto Repairs
You want to save money at the pump and reduce emissions? Keep your car in top shape. Regular tune ups, oil changes, and auto repair will improve efficiency and keep you safe out there on the road.

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