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Tips for Safer Driving This Winter

With winter, you can expect all types of weather including rain, freezing temperatures, fog, wind, and snow. All these weather hazards can impact your safety on the roads in Goodrich, MI and the surrounding areas. Are you prepared to drive in these conditions? Here are a few tips to keep you safe driving around this winter.

  1. Clear Away Snow and Ice

Before driving, you need to clear off the dirt, ice, and snow. You also want to make sure your wipers are ready and keep the reservoir full of “winter” washer fluid that contains de-icer. And don’t just focus on the windshield! Clean headlights, tail lights, sensors, and the backup camera. You should also brush off any snow on the hood and top of your car. Otherwise, it can form an ice sheet that can fly off of your car and endanger others.

  1. Keep your Headlights Clean and Functioning

Shorter days and longer nights means more time to use your headlights. If your lights are dim, burned out, or out of alignment, they won’t do you much good in the dark mornings and darker nights. You need to be able to see and you want other drivers to see you. To stay safe, make sure your headlights are clean and clear as well as properly aligned.

  1. Check Your Battery

In the cold, it takes more power to start your car and as the temperatures drop, so can your battery life. You want to be sure your battery is up for the challenge this winter. Have a technician check your battery for sufficient amperage, voltage, and reserve capacity. Also check the connections and remove the corrosion. If necessary, replace the battery.

  1. Tires

As you can imagine, your tires are important, especially in severe weather. If you plan to install snow tires, get in to an auto repair shop as soon as possible. You also want to inspect your tires every month for tread depth and inflation. You should know the age and mileage on your tires so you know when to replace them.

  1. Get Your Car Serviced

The last thing you need is for your car to break down on the side of the road on a cold and stormy night. So start this winter season off right by getting your car in for routine auto service and repair. Have a technician check your tires, heating and cooling system, headlights, and wipers. They can also check for any recalls on your vehicle and make sure everything is okay there.

  1. Slow Down and Take Care

Fog and winter storms can limit visibility and muffle sounds. This can make it difficult to judge distances and traffic. High beam lights will only bounce back to you and make the situation worse. So use low beam fog lights, increase your following distance, and slow down. And always stay alert!

If you are heading out on a holiday road trip this winter or just finishing errands around Goodrich, MI, it is always a good idea to make sure your car is ready. If you need any inspections or White Lake, MI auto repair call Holly Tire. You can stop by 15140 N. Holly Rd. Holly, MI 48442 or call.


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