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What are These Dashboard Warning Lights?

If something in your car goes wrong, or a feature is active that you need to know about, a signal filters through the electrical system and shows up via an illuminated warning sign on your dashboard. These signals cover a range of issues—some of which can be very serious. And keep in mind, your vehicle may be different, with different symbols or altered designs. Before anything, you should consult with the owner’s manual. When in doubt, have a professional auto repair mechanic check things out. Here is a little information to help make sense out of some of these hieroglyphic markers.

1. Temperature Warning Light
Often this signal is a thermometer, or something that looks like a ship without sails. If this signal comes on it means the engine is running too hot and you need to pull over or risk overheating.

2. Oil Pressure Light
This light looks like an oil can, or a genie’s lamp. It will come on when you first crank the engine over, but should turn off once the system checks for proper function. If the light comes on and remains on while you are driving, immediately pull over and check your oil level. Add more oil if needed, and the light should go off shortly after. If your car has a proper oil level and the light still comes on, stop driving and take it in for auto repair.

3. Check Engine Light
This warning light can look like an engine block or simply say, “Check Engine.” And it might be yellow to suggest caution, or red to indicate a more serious problem. Either way, if this shows up on your dashboard you should proceed with caution and plan to get your car to a technician for diagnosis as soon as possible. You could have an issue with the braking system, emissions components, air bags, or sensors.

4. Battery Light
You should easily recognize this symbol of a battery casing with plus and minus signs. This indicator light usually means you have a faulty charging system. First check the battery to see if the terminals are corroded or connections are loose. If everything is fine with the battery you might have a bad alternator or broken alternator belt. If this is the case, as soon as the stored charge in your battery dies, so will your car.

5. Antilock Brake Warning Light
This is not your cue to do sit-ups despite signaling “ABS.” This means there is trouble with the breaks. And while you will likely be able to stop if you need to, this is not a warning light you can afford to ignore.

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