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What is That Noise? 8 Car Sounds You Can’t Ignore

Noises are part of vehicle operation. Treads rubbing against the asphalt, wind rushing by, vents and fans blowing, belts turning—these all have particular noises. Over time, you will get used to the little squeaks and whistles of your car and you won’t even notice most of them anymore. But then something new arises—a sound you haven’t heard before. It might intensify when you step on the brakes or amplify as you accelerate. Or it might only come when you turn the steering wheel a specific way. If these new sounds become regular, there could be something wrong with your car. You will want to get in for auto repair in Goodrich, MI as soon as possible if you hear any of the following.

1. Grinding While Shifting Manual Transmission
Usually this sound means you have an issue with the clutch. Either it needs an adjustment or is worn out. It might also mean a more serious problem deeper in the transmission.

2. Popping Sound in the Engine
This could happen for a variety of reasons. Maybe the air filters are clogged, or water has seeped into your gasoline. That or your spark plugs and wires are dirty and need replacement.

3. Loud Knocking or Banging from the Engine Compartment
This is one of the most disturbing sounds you might hear. It usually occurs when the air and fuel mixture is incorrect inside a cylinder. As the fuel burns unevenly it can damage piston or the cylinder wall. So make sure you always use the proper fuel octane rating outlined in the owner’s manual, make sure you have the right spark plugs, and take your car in for regular auto repair.

4. Rattles Beneath Your Car
This could mean a number of things. Maybe something is stuck to the undercarriage. Or maybe some part of the exhaust system has broken loose.

5. Hissing or Sizzling Under the Hood
You might hear this sound right after you turn off the engine. This sound usually means something is leaking. It could be the coolant or the oil coming in contact with some heated engine parts. That, or the engine is overheating.

6. Loud Bang
Does it sound like someone set off a firecracker in your tailpipe? It could be a problem with the catalytic converter or again, the fuel-air mixture is too rich.

7. Squealing, Scraping, or Grinding When Braking
You might just have dirt or debris caught in the rotors. Or it could be something more ominous like worn out brake shoes or pads. If the squealing ever turns into scraping, that means there is metal on metal contact when you apply the brakes. Your brakes are shot and need replacement right away.

8. Engine Roaring When Stepping on the Gas
The first thing to look at would be the exhaust system. If that isn’t it, you might have transmission issues. In a manual, the clutch may be slipping. In an automatic, your car might not be advancing in gear. These are car problems you want to solve as soon as possible.

Don’t ignore car trouble in car tune up Goodrich, MI. If you notice any of these, or other odd noises, call Holly Tire. Or bring your car to 15140 N. Holly Rd. Holly, MI 48442 for auto repair.


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