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What Should I Do About Steering Wheel Noise

Have you noticed that your car starts making a strange noise when you turn the steering wheel? It may not seem like a big deal at first, but steering noises are something you can’t afford to ignore. Turning your vehicle puts tremendous stress on different components and if they wear out and start making noise it, could be a sign of a more serious problem ahead of you. So to avoid costly auto repair in Davisburg, MI have any steering noises checked out by a professional.

What does it Sound Like?

The steering system in your vehicle is connected to so many parts and components. Strange noises can come from several different places. Can you tell where it is coming from and when it occurs? Could you describe the sound to a technician? Is it a clunk, creek, clicking, crunching, whining, or humming? Knowing this could help the technician diagnose the problem faster.


The struts and steering feature several rubber bushings. These help prevent metal on metal contact and if they become worn or dry (or goes missing), it can create groaning or creaking sounds. Some grease may quiet the bushing down if it is still intact. Otherwise, the sounds will get worse and eventually, you will have worn metal parts to repair.


Ball joints also carry the weight and sustain the movement of your car. They need lubrication to work properly and if they go dry, they will make noise.


Does a clicking sound come from near your wheels during tight turns in either direction? This usually indicates a worn constant velocity (CV) joint. This part of the axle allows the front wheels to turn right and left. It also supports other components up and down with the suspension. You will want to get it replaced as soon as possible.


The clock spring is an electrical connection in your steering that is unique because it maintains the connection, even if one side is rotated. It has a small spring connected to the steering wheel. This part makes contact with an opposing round contact pad on the steering column. If the spring gets damaged or broken, it will make a crunching sound. Take it in for auto repair as soon as possible.


Technicians often associate a whining noise with a problem in the power steering, specifically lower power steering fluid. You can check the levels by opening the cap and measuring with the dipstick or the indicator line on the outside of the reservoir. If the levels are low, you have a leak and need to get it sealed up.


Notice a humming sound when you turn at higher speeds? This usually means a wheel bearing has gone bad and during turns, it gets more or less load when the weight shifts. A bad wheel bearing can cause unpredictable behavior from the steering and uneven tire wear.

Any time you hear an odd sound coming from your vehicle, turn down the radio, pull over, and listen carefully. If you can determine where the noise is coming from, when it occurs, and how to describe it, then you can help your technician narrow down the problem. Call Holly Tire for the best auto repair in Davisburg, MI. By bringing your car to the professionals at 15140 N. Holly Rd. Holly, MI 48442, you get honest, reliable auto repair.


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