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When Should I call for a Tow instead of Driving my Car?

If your car breaks down or is in a more serious accident, you don’t really have much choice. But have you ever experienced car trouble and wondered whether or not your car was safe to drive? You are not alone. This could happen to anyone, at any time. Oftentimes if your car is showing signs of an issue, you can still operate it while you get to your preferred auto repair shop. Still though, it is better to be safe, and know the situations where driving might cause even more damage.

Know your Vehicle
One of the most important things you can do as a driver is pay attention to your car. Get familiar with how your car sounds, smells, and runs when it is in top shape. Give your car a quick once-over every week looking for signs of malfunction or damage. That way you are more likely to spot something wrong early, and avoid problems before they become more serious. And if you do notice something, don’t put it off. Call your mechanic right away and get your car in for any necessary auto repairs.

    Warning Signs to Watch For

    Stop and pull over anytime you notice:

    • Check engine light turns on and stays on
    • Oil pressure or oil level light comes on
    • Temperature gauge indicates overheating or a sudden drop in temperature
    • Fuel or burning smell, if your car is running or not
    • Spongey breaks that do not engage well
    • Loud grinding, clicking, or screeching while you break
    • Unusual sounds that get louder with increase in speed or rpms
    • Screeching, whirring, or knocking sounds emitting from under the hood while the engine is running
    • Backfiring, misfiring, or stalling when you stop
    • No power during accelerations
    • Large and sudden loss of coolant, power steering, oil, or brake fluid leaking around your car
    • Car suddenly handles differently
    • Difficult steering
    • Poor visibility because of steam from the engine, or a large crack on the windshield

    Just to clarify, just because your oil or check engine light comes on does not mean you must call for a tow. It simply means you should pull over and give your car a look to determine the extent of the damage. Usually these problems indicate your car is not safe, and could break down if you continued driving—causing further damage. Ultimately it is up to you to decide whether or not driving is a safe choice. That is why you must be in tune with your car and how it normally runs. On occasions where your car is no longer safe to drive calling a tow will save you money and help to keep you safe. If at any time you are in doubt, do not think twice. Call, and get your car to a trusted repair facility.

    Choosing Holly Tire for Auto Repairs
    The technicians at Holly Tire are ASE and ATI certified and feel a personal obligation toward every customer. We will tow your car in and get you back on the road in Davisbug, MI in no time. Contact us to get set up with our tow truck, or, if safe, drive your car to 15140 N. Holly Rd. Holly, MI 48442.


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