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Why Do I Need a Coolant Flush?

One of the most common causes for car breakdowns is overheating due to a cooling system failure. When the heat rises in your engine, it can cause internal breakdowns and expensive damage. Fortunately, there is a routine auto repair in Brandon, MI you can do to fend off overheating. A coolant system flush! This keeps your engine running cool and smooth, even on the hottest days.

What is the Cooling System in my Car?

The engine runs best at a high temperature, but not too high. The main purpose of the coolant system is to allow the engine to warm up quickly, then keeps it at a consistent, safe temperature while you drive. It works by circulating coolant through parts in the engine designed to absorb heat. The radiator then transfers the heat from the coolant into the air. Your cooling system also keeps the engine from getting too cold in the winter. That is why coolant is also called anti-freeze.

What is a Coolant Flush?

This is not just topping off your coolant. A technician adds a cleaner to your cooling system to clear all the sediment, rust, and other contaminants. Then they completely flush the old coolant out and replace it with new antifreeze. This service will prolong the life of the cooling system and other components of your vehicle.

Why Should I Change My Coolant if it is Still Working?

It is important for coolant to remain clean so it can promote good heat transfer. Brand new coolant looks bright green or red, depending on the brand. It contains special chemicals to help maintain the pH levels and keep the components from corroding. But as the coolant circulates, these chemicals deplete or precipitate. Eventually, contaminants from corrosion and oxidation start to mix in with the fluid. When this happens, it doesn’t perform as it should. Contaminants can rest under the surface of the coolant and remain unseen. So even if your coolant looks clear, it could be threatening your engine.

How Often Should I Flush my Coolant?

Most technicians and manufacturers suggest you replace coolant every two or three years, or every 24,000 to 36,000 miles. You may need to replace your coolant more or less often, depending on your driving habits. Have your coolant checked by a professional regularly to stay ahead of contaminants that can threaten the life of your engine.

What Happens if I Don’t Change My Coolant?

Failure to change your coolant can cut up to 100,000 miles off the life of your car’s engine. It can also cause larger problems and expensive repairs. The contaminants can collect in the water pump, thermostat, or the radiator. These components can break down and will not be able to continue circulating the coolant and water through the system. Not to mention what happens to parts of your engine when things run too hot. The bottom line is…dirty coolant could lead to a full system breakdown.

Signs your Car Needs a Coolant Flush

Consider this auto repair if you:

  • See the temperature gauge flipping between hot and normal
  • Find pooling coolant under your vehicle
  • Notice strange grinding sounds from the engine
  • See visible scaling or rust in your coolant
  • Notice a hot maple syrup-like smell coming from under the hood
  • See steam coming from the engine
  • Have driven your car for 30,000 miles without a coolant flush.

Get a Coolant Flush in Brandon, MI from Holly Tire

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