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Why is the Oil Filter Important?

While you are on the road your engine works very hard to keep your vehicle moving. There are so many moving parts working together for every second, and the engine gets hot. The oil helps keep the engine cool and the other components operating smoothly. That is why clean motor oil is so important. If you leave it unfiltered, even for a short period of time, the oil could become saturated in tiny particles that could wear down important parts of the engine.

How Does an Oil Filter Work?
The outside of the filter is a metal can with a sealing gasket the presses tightly against the engine’s mating surface. The base of the can is perforated with holes just inside the gasket, and a central hole is threaded to mate with the oil filter assembly connected to the engine block. Inside the can is a filter, usually made from synthetic fiber material. As the oil circulates through the can it passes through the filter and re-enters the engine through the central hole.

You want good, clean oil circulating through your engine. This is why the oil filter is an important part of your vehicle’s operation. The primary function of the oil filter is to remove debris, grit, and grime from the oil. Filters even help improve performance and engine efficiency. They prevent contaminants from entering the engine and causing damage. A clogged filter can block the flow of oil, causing the engine to seize and fail. Also, when you turn your vehicle off the oil drains to a pan in the lower part of the engine. But the filter keeps some oil remains in place. That way, when you start your car, there is still lubrication for it to run properly.

How often should I Change an Oil Filter?
Changing an oil filter is not an upsell service at Holly Tire. However, you can still get a lot of different answers to this seemingly straightforward question. Usually the manufacturer suggests you replace the oil filter every other time you get an oil change.

However, if you consistently drive in more severe conditions, like stop and go traffic or hauling heavy loads, you might consider replacing it during every oil change. Fortunately oil filters are a fairly inexpensive auto repair. And if there is any doubt, you can always ask a reliable mechanic for a consultation. They will make a recommendation for your vehicle based on make, model, and driving conditions. There are also different types of air filters, and it can help to choose the right one.

Choosing Holly Tire for Routine Auto Repair
If you have any questions about oil filters, or any other auto repair, do not hesitate to contact us at Holly Tire. We have been serving customers in Goodrich, MI and the surrounding area since 1991. We feel a personal obligation toward every individual customer, and ensure you will get honest and reliable auto repair Goodrich, MI at a fair price. Call us or stop by our shop at 15140 N. Holly Rd. Holly, MI 48442.


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