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Why Should I Keep Kitty Litter in My Car This Winter?

With autumn cooling down and winter storms on the horizon, many drivers are prepping their cars for winter. This includes taking them for routine auto repair in Grand Blanc, MI and preparing their winter car kit. In addition to jumper cables and extra coats and gloves, did you know that non-clumping cat litter should also be in your kit? It might sound crazy, but kitty litter can be a timesaver, and maybe even a lifesaver. Here are a few ways to use it:


Anything with grit can help you gain traction in a pinch. That is why many drivers thrown down salt, sand, and yes, kitty litter when they get stuck on the side of the road. You simply pour it around your tires to give your car something to grip while you navigate back onto the road. You may have to dig your car out a little before putting the kitty litter down.


If you are a cat owner then you know kitty litter is heavy. That is why you can also use it to put weight on the tires and improve traction. This is especially good for front-heavy trucks and cars with rear wheel drive. The added weight in the back improves stability and helps you maintain control on slick roads.


This is actually a myth. When it comes to melting the ice in your driveway, kitty litter won’t help. Salt works because it lowers the freezing point of water. In fact, one pound of salt can met about 46 pounds of ice. But too much salt damages the environment. It can contaminate ground water, kill plants, and harm your pets. It is also corrosive and can damage your driveway and your vehicle. That is why many people look for an alternative. Cat litter can help with traction to get you in and out of your driveway in a pinch. But when wet, it turns to clay and gets slick. Instead, consider using sugar, beet juice, or calcium magnesium acetate to de-ice your driveway this winter.

Other Winter Car Care Tips

To prep your car for winter, replace old wiper blades, change out your tires for ones with better traction, and check your coolant system. These simple auto repairs will help keep you safe on the roads this winter. And in addition to kitty litter, you should also keep a shovel, basic tool kit, a first aid kit, and food and water stored in your car this winter. You never know when you will have to hunker down and wait out a storm, so it’s better to be prepared.

For more winter car care tips or for auto repair in Grand Blanc, MI, visit Holly Tire at 15140 N. Holly Rd. Holly, MI 48442. We will get you ready for those winter roads with our quality repairs at fair prices. You can also call our office to schedule a service for your vehicle.


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