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Why Won’t My Car Start?

You might be in for a bad day if you turn the key in the ignition and your car won’t start. Starter problems are frustrating. There are a number of things under the hood that can prevent your car from starting. In fact, pretty much everything under the hood can keep your car from starting. Here are just six of the most common reasons your car won’t start:

1. Human Error
First, your car might not start because of something silly—a small mistake you don’t usually make under normal circumstances. For example, some newer models won’t let you start the car until you fasten your seatbelt. Or, if you drive an automatic, your car must be in park before you can start it. If you drive a manual, you might not have the clutch pressed down all the way and your foot on the break. Or you might be out of gas. Just check a few of these small issues first before climbing out of your car to check under the hood.

2. Dead Battery
This is usually the first thing drivers check because it is the number one cause of a no-start. A battery can run out of juice if you leave the lights on or if an electrical issue is draining it. A battery can also fail because of wear or age. If any of the electronics work, then your battery is not completely dead. And if the battery is weak, but not dead, the starter may crank slowly. If the battery is dead, you will notice that no dash lights come on when you turn the key. Usually, in this case a jump-start will get you going, but there are no guarantees your car will start again when you are ready to head home.

3. Bad Ignition Switch
The ignition switch signals the battery to start the engine. This part might overheat and malfunction, resulting in a no-start. To tell if it is the switch, turn the key halfway and see if the dash lights come on and go off, as designed. If the switch is faulty, the lights might not come on, but the engine will keep cranking.

4. Faulty Starter
If the electronics work fine and nothing seems wrong with the battery, then you might have a problem with the start. This is a small motor that draws the electricity from the battery to start the engine. If the starter fails, you might hear a clicking noise when you turn the ignition. It might be something as simple as a loose connection, or the entire start might need replacement.

5. Fuel Pump Failure
Your car needs fuel to run, but also to start. If the pump isn’t getting fuel to the engine, then guess what? No start. The problem might be a lack of pressure due to blockage, part failure, or wear and tear. You should notice other signs of fuel pump failure, like jerky high speeds or a sudden loss of power. You might also notice reduced fuel economy. At the first sign of these symptoms, you should get your car in for auto repair.

6. Spark Plug Failure
Say the battery is fine, the start is good, and fuel is getting to the engine, but still your car won’t start. Well, to get the car going, the spark plug needs to ignite the compressed fuel. In some cases, spark plugs get worn or dirty, which results in engine failure. Luckily, a spark plug repair or replacement is fairly simple and inexpensive.

Call Holly Tire for a No-Start
If you have checked a few of these simple issues and still can’t start your car, then it is time for Holly, MI auto repair. Call Holly Tire so we can get your car fixed. Our location at 15140 N. Holly Rd. Holly, MI 48442 makes us a convenient choice for Davisburg, MI and the surrounding area. We employ the best skilled technicians and deliver quality repair at a fair price.


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